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Fancy Faces Hyper Natural Microblading

Updated: Feb 3

"OMG they look so natural!" Here's my secret to microbladed brows with natural like results.

There are many techniques to microblading. When I took my first training course, I was unaware of this fact. For most months in the beginning of my career I believed everyone's stroke technique had to be the same. I was stressed trying to imitate and practice!

It took me a couple of months to get into my own groove and find what works for me. My signature brow is a hyper natural brow with all strokes going in the same direction of the hair pattern. Undetected strokes enhance the natural brow giving a subtle but prominent change to the face.

Many of my clients are nervous their initial session, like most people would be. It is your face and it is a big deal! I get a lot of "i don't want them too thick or too dark", but once they see the final result they are at a lost for words. In fact, they mostly come in asking for darker or thicker during their touch up session, haha! No matter what direction your hair is going in, I try my best to follow it with crispy strokes. Many clients don't want people knowing they even got microbladed, so the more camouflaged, the better.

I found an aftercare method that works for my clients. It keeps their brows moisturized and clean. The less scabbing the better! Clients have said it's been easy and results have proved that. They even skip the ugly stage that microblading healing is notorious for. A big win!


During our consultations, I like to draw the brow shape on my clients face. It gives the client an idea of what I think looks best and they are able to give feedback. I share the photos of our consultation with the client so they are able to examine and let me know of any changes they'd like to make during their initial session appt.

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