Fancy Lips

Lip Blush is beautiful, natural and soft - no harsh outlines, just a subtle blush of color to define, shape and make lips look naturally plump & flushed! A custom color is mixed for each and every client based on their skin color, undertones and existing lip shade. 

We offer Lip Blush for ALL lip tones. 



Here's what you NEED to know ..


Pain is minimal - 2 anesthetics are used to keep you comfortable

Healing is quick and easy! 5 days of applying aquaphor and avoiding spicy foods, swimming and sauna. 


  • Increased pigmentation for pale and aging lips

  • Fuller looking lips without need for injectables or surgery

  • Color correction for scars and uneven pigmentation

  • Enhanced lip symmetry

  • The ability to customize your lip shade

The area is slightly swollen for the first 24 hours. But it's really like a plump look that goes away. 

Color will be very vibrant for the first two days and then begins settling in, softening and turning very natural. 

You can bring in the lip color of your choice and as long as it goes with your undertone we can customize the color to match.

Melanin rich lips may have to wait for their second session to create their custom lip shade. The first session is geared towards neutralization.

It may require more than 2 sessions.  

2 sessions are required. We will schedule your touch up at the studio. 

If you are diabetic, you must seek medical consent from your doctor. 

Chemo/radiation: must be at least 6 weeks prior to appt. 

You cannot be pregnant or breastfeeding at time of appt. 


Lip fillers: you MUST wait at least 1 month before/ after getting your lips tattooed

Cold sores: if you’ve EVER had even 1 cold sore on the outside area of your mouth or on your lips you MUST take doctor prescribed Valtrex or a similar antiviral at least 3 days prior and 3 days after getting your lips tattooed. If you don’t- this procedure will trigger an outbreak that will affect healing- so this is very important & very easy to avoid!

Moisturize: make sure your lips are well moisturized in the days leading to the appt. Begin moisturizing and exfoliating at least one week prior to your appt. Chronic chapped and dry lips are not a candidate for this procedure.