Laminating Brows left and right!

Brow Lamination has to be my favorite service besides #microblading. Here's why! For one, if your eyebrows lay flat and you struggle with creating a shape in fear of going too thin, this works great. It elongates your hairs giving you more control of a direction. #Browlamination is also great for a change of appearance. Textured brows are hard to control with its curlyness. But with this solution, I find that the hair texture stays soft for weeks after allowing a different lo

Fancy Faces Hyper Natural Microblading

"OMG they look so natural!" Here's my secret to microbladed brows with natural like results. There are many techniques to microblading. When I took my first training course, I was unaware of this fact. For most months in the beginning of my career I believed everyone's stroke technique had to be the same. I was stressed trying to imitate and practice! It took me a couple of months to get into my own groove and find what works for me. My signature brow is a hyper natural brow