Marble Surface

Beauty Marks

Beauty Mark tattoos work just like other tattoos where pigment is deposited below the skin. They can last anywhere from 6 months to 5 years with most people needing annual touch ups. 

Immediately after the procedure the beauty marks will appear darker and raised with some local redness. They will soften in color and the edges will blur, leaving very natural looking freckles in 4-6 hours.

Before coming in, please be sure to come with no make up on as it will be wiped off. Price includes nose and cheek area. Please inquire about less than half and/or just a few spots.

After care for beauty marks is pretty simple. Avoid swimming for 7 days, sweating for 3 days, using perfumed soaps or lotions for 5 days (cetaphil is fine) and make up for 7 days. 

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