1 Day Advance Microblading/Shading

Fancy Faces Academy

Level Up

If you have already taken a course and are still confused, want to level up your work with different patterns, need some marketing advice or how to gain clientele, this is the course for you! 



Every student will receive a certificate upon completion of both online and in-person tests.

Get Equipped

Each student gets a quality brand kit that has enough material to service your first 15 clients.

Perfect for Refreshers

If you need a refresher because you didn't practice as much, or if you need help performing on your first model, or if you'd like to learn more simple/realistic patterns- this course is perfect for you.

Individual Approach

Small classes allows for the instructor to focus on each student and go over any questions thoroughly.

Pre-Requisite Training

Students must already be certified with a blood pathogens certificate.


Even after the course is complete, students will have access to our studio for 6 months after. We are open to any questions and shadowing if needed.

This course is a 10 hour day, complete with a live model demo.

Your kit Includes:

-Rotary PMU machine

-Needle Cartridges

-Pre-assembled disposable Microblading pens

-Medical grade steel blades

-Pigment Kit

-Applicators Kit

-Topical Numbing

-Brow Design Rulers

-Brow Design Pencil/Pen

-AfterCare Ointment with Instructions

-Ink Holders/pens/cups

-Manual Book to take notes

-Brow Mapping String

-2 Practice Skin Types


Total is $1200. 

A non-refundable deposit of $350 is required at time of sign up.

Remainder of payment due day of class. 

Please note: If you're unable to attend the class you sent a deposit for, you are able to transfer your deposit for another date.